Healthy social-emotional development includes the ability to form satisfying and positive relationships with others, to exercise self-control, and to experience and navigate a full range of emotions. Studies have shown that healthy social-emotional development in young children correlates closely with cognitive development and academic success in school; and children who display strong self-regulation are better able to control their impulses, pay attention, and work flexibly toward goals.

Kindermusik lessons are thoughtfully crafted to encourage executive function skills, like self-regulation, and to promote healthy social interactions. Children are guided to explore emotions—their own, those of their friends, and those of the characters in the songs and stories they hear. They acquire new skills that build their self-esteem, develop a sense of belonging through community-building rituals, and learn to manage their impulses by following directions and taking instruction. Activities help children experience positive peer interactions by encouraging cooperation, turn-taking, and sharing.