Elly Wong has spent her entire adult life as a music educator and piano performer. A graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong minoring in Music, she’s also the holder of LTCL since 1994 (Licentiate Diploma in Piano Performance from Trinity College London).

Elly has the passion for music, teaching and performance. She has been offering piano tuitions for 20 years and is the pianist of 3 choirs (www.hkartchorus.org, www.littletrout.org) in which she had given numerous performances in Hong Kong and China. Being the co-founder as well as the chairlady of the Little Trout Children’s Choir since 2003, she strongly believes that music and movements are key elements to early childhood development which greatly enhance future development in music, language, emotions and coordination. The earlier the child is connected to music, the better the child is possible to become.

Especially after becoming a mum, Elly truly believes that musical ability is innate but has to be awakened. Elly wishes to extend her love of music to even younger children from birth to 3 years old and decides to introduce Kindermusik, an international quality music enrichment program, for the benefit of more babies, toddlers and youngsters.

“My little princess is now 20 months old. I sing and play with her everyday. Then I found out other babies, whose parents don’t sing, are less responsive towards music movements and logical thinking. That’s the reason why I’ve been looking for a systematic and well-organized music program for babies and toddlers. And the answer is “Kindermusik”. It provides so many fantastic ideas and training for parents who wish to foster their little ones into a WHOLE child.”

─ Elly Wong, Program Director of Kindermusik with Elly, March, 2009