There’s no doubt that physical activity is healthy. Exercise builds muscle strength, increases cardiovascular health, and can positively affect mood, self-esteem, and energy level. But getting young children in the habit of moving doesn’t just set them up with good habits for life—it also has real-time developmental benefits. Movement builds fine- and gross-motor skills, develops balance and coordination, and primes the brain for learning.

In Kindermusik class, children bounce, clap, spin, and hop. They build core strength as they dance in a circle and skip around the room; they develop eye-hand coordination as they toss scarves in the air and catch them; and they stimulate their vestibular systems by rocking and swaying to relaxing music. Throughout class, children are asked to respond to aural and visual cues with movement, creating a multisensory learning experience that brings abstract concepts down to a clear, concrete, experiential level.