【Foundations Cuddle & Bounce – September – Peas & Carrots】(0-12mth)
Peas & Carrots: Yum, yum, yum. Are you hungry? In Peas & Carrots, you’ll have fun moving, singing, and playing as you explore snacks, meals, cooking, and mm, mm, eating!

【Foundations Cuddle & Bounce – October – Peekaboo!】(0-12mth)
Peekaboo! A house with a baby is a house full of love. (And fun…and toys…and noise!) Peekaboo! peeks into the “1, 2, 3, punch” patterns of repetition, anticipation, and surprise. Have fun with vocal play, sensory exploration, and learning through play.
【Foundations Cuddle & Bounce – November – Rise & Shine】(0-12mth)
Rise & Shine: Good morning, sunshine–it’s time to start the day! Babies can start their days in all kinds of ways–but the way to make the most of mornings is to establish a loving, predictable, day-to-day pattern. Up and at ’em routines and rituals take center stage in Rise & Shine!

【Foundations Cuddle & Bounce – December – Zoom Baby】(0-12mth)
Zoom Baby: Bumpity-bump, zippity-zoom, babies are on the go! This unit is packed with move-move-movement, as spatial development takes focus. Activities that explore distance, speed, placement, reaching, dancing, rocking, bouncing, and wheels-on-the-bus-ing all get baby zoom-zoom-zooming to big smiles in Zoom Baby.
【Level 1 Sing & Play – September – Rain or Shine】(13-24mth)
Rain or Shine: Up the water spout, down the water spout, you know how it goes. We’ll use our senses to explore the sights, sounds, and sensations of sunny days, rainy days, and all the other kinds of days in between. Rain or Shine, we’ll be ready for some fun!
【Level 1 Sing & Play – October – Way Up High】(13-24mth)
Way Up High: Experience opposite concepts with your voices, bodies, and movements, as well as instruments and props, in Way Up High! You’ll swoop and flutter fast and slow, high and low, as you explore spatial development and positional vocabulary, multisensory learning, and more.
【Level 1 Sing & Play – November – Yum!】(13-24mth)
Yum! All we can say is…Yum! You’ll “gobble up” this unit’s strawberries and pancakes, apples, raisins, and other yummy treats. Then you’ll move, move, move! Little bodies learn movement, coordination, and body awareness through contrasts–so get ready to move your body in high-and-low, large-and-small, and even energetic-and-calm ways.
【Level 1 Sing & Play – December – Zoom!】(13-24mth)
Zoom! Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes…here it is! There it goes, there it goes, it’s going…it’s gone. Explore the sights, sounds, and sensations of cars, trains, and planes. Experience the steady beat of their clickity-clacks and vroom-vroom-vrooms, the fast-and-slow of their comings and goings, the stopping-and-starting, and the jingling of keys! Off we Zoom!
【Level 2 Wiggle & Grow – September – Rhyme Around Town】(25-36mth)
Rhyme Around Town: It’s time to take the bus and visit all around town! In this fun-filled unit, we’ll go down to the baker’s shop, see the cobbler down the street, and stop at the corner grocery store as we move through our busy day. All along the way, we’ll sing, dance, play instruments, and listen to the sounds of traffic and tolling bells. get ready to see what the city has to offer as we Rhyme Around Town!
【Level 2 Wiggle & Grow – October – Silly All Over】(25-36mth)
Silly All Over: Catch a case of the giggles! Tap into the joy of laughter as we wiggle, boing, and jiggle through this unit full of silly sounds and silly moves. Wound through the silliness is a firm base of developmentally appropriate activities, where we’ll practice stop-and-go motion, experience up and down, use our fine-motor skills, incorporate vocal play, and tickle our sense of humor all at the same time. Hold onto your funny bones – we’re about to get Silly All Over!
【Level 2 Wiggle & Grow – November – Time for Lunch】(25-36mth)
Time For Lunch: Come and get it! There’s nothing that gives us more joy and comfort than sharing good food and good stories with those we love. In this unit, we’ll explore food – from preparing to eating – through songs, vocal play, instruments, and focused listening activities. So wash your hands and put on your apron. It’s time to chop the veggies, mix the pancake batter, and grow some peas. It’s Time for Lunch!
【Level 2 Wiggle & Grow – December – Up in the Sky】(25-36mth)
Up in the Sky: Up, up , and away! In this unit, we’ll explore all the things that find their home in the sky through songs, instruments, vocal play, and listening activities. Get ready to fly kites, meet Mister Robin, pretend to be clouds, and reach for the stars. There’s so much fun and learning Up in the Sky!