Hei Wun mama (Belinda):

HeiWun has joined the Kindermusik class for a year. She enjoys the class so much as she can play the lap bounce with me at home and can interact with others in the class. The class can stimulate her imagination by playing scarf, rhythm stick, hoop, and parachute. What impressed me most is that she can almost follow the beat of the music. If you want to find a playgroup for your child, this is the one!

Caspar mama:

Caspar enjoys in the Kindermusik lessons with Miss Elly so much. Caspar always loves to dance and does different gestures following the melody. And he can now tune the pitch and sing so well.

Many thanks to Miss Elly!

Yuet Yuet mama:

仔仔越越天性怕生,害怕接觸陌生人。但藉著Teacher Elly 柔和歌聲,懂得技巧地與小朋友相處,將他的恐懼稍為放緩,最后一堂還願意給個擁抱給她呢!

QQ mama:

“My daughter has started the class when she is 5 months old and now she is 1 year old. We completed with 4 topics with all kinds of music instruments and books.

We are having a good time with the teacher and other little children and parents in the class. My daughter will listen and sometimes follow the actions, from the beginning with no actions till now she can involve in those commands really a good improvement for her. We sang and danced with all the movements and steps and she learned all kinds of musical instruments. Every time at home plays the DVD for her she will be rocking her body and even influence my elder son to follow to sing the song and she enjoys reading the books as well. When we sang the song “little piggy” my daughter will let you hold her finger with the entire piggy.”

Issac mama (Jenny Ho):

“My son, Isaac, has joined Kindermusik with Elly since 18 months old. At first, Isaac was very shy and seldom actively participated in the class activities unless I accompanied him to do so. But now, he enjoys every class very much and is so eager to sing songs and repeat movements both at class and at home. Due to Ms Elly’s friendly attitude and her fun-filled approach used in class, Isaac loves attending her classes. Besides exposing kids to various musical instruments and lullabies, Ms Elly’s attention span on kids and her eagerness to encourage self-started learning are very much appreciated.

The take-home material is also a good tool providing me the know-how to reinforce Isaac’s learning at home. The songs are easy-to-remember, good media for developing a common language with my son and thus parent-child relationship enhanced. This is told by his joyous excitement when we sing together.

With a hygienic environment and Ms Elly’s devotion to continuous improvements on quality, I highly recommend Ms Elly’s classes without hesitation!

Thank you, Ms Elly. You make Isaac appreciate and enjoy music!”

Max daddy:

“Max misses his fellows. Thanks Elly, Priscilla, and Alan. Max did enjoy the classes in the last 1.5 years. Now, we are preparing him for school. And his sister is very likely to join your class in the future.”

Patty mama:

“Patty loves to attend her class with Miss Elly. I believe the theme songs & funny games help her to respond and particate actively during class. At home, we also sing her favourite songs together while playing games with our own imagination. It is happy to see how she grows in her singing and body coordination during the last few months. We have recently signed up for the next session and hope she can gain more confidence in her social skills and be more responsive to the environment.”